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We’re a team and family at Tastefully Yours


"I’ve always loved the food and service hospitality business. When I was 13 years old I started working in restaurants and have been at it ever since. My love and passion for food really grew while we were living inAustralia in 2007. I was initially the one home with the kids taking care of the family so taking charge of the meal planning was my responsibility. I have always been inspired by my mom and her love for food and for cooking. Hosting dinner parties, like Thanksgiving and having people over to try dishes created with my own flair is where I really got passionate about what I do.

For me, cooking is about more than specialties. Its all about classic comfort food. The less-is-more approach. Less variety but doing everything really well. So yeah, so it’s more I guess classic – sort of classic style cooking. Cooking must be done with freshness in mind and visual color to make it exciting.

All of our soups are scratch-made each and every day and paired with great tasting sandwiches or wraps. Or, if you like comfort food, we make classics like meat loaf, shepherd’s pie, hearty lasagna and the like. We keep it simple but everything is healthy and fresh and scratch-made.

What drives me the most is knowing that our customers are having a great experience with the food and the whole customer experience. And It’s important that our serving staff, the people that represent Tastefully Yours go above and beyond when they interact with our guests." 

Tastefully yours,


Jeff Enns
Owner | Operator


At Tastefully Yours, we are a family serving you on any occasion.

Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or

the event of the century, we will  make food that looks and tastes amazing.
Find out how we can cater the meal  of your dreams.

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Take Away Meals

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